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You have an interesting profile on LinkedIn

Every day I'm getting e-mails, InMail or private messages with this exact sentence. I've been very hesitant to write this blogpost, because I know there are some good people around as well. It's just that there's plenty of work in IT and with that in IT recruiting. Unfortunately this attracts quite some gold seekers who are destroying the image of IT recruiters.

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Poor usability examples of web software

Even nowadays, websites and web applications offer poor usability experiences to both users and developers. I'm getting increasingly frustrated with sites and plugins which you sometimes even have to pay for, but don't provide (extendable) functionality which is actually usable. As a developer, I sometimes just cannot understand software behavior that has been coded deliberately that way. This ever-growing blog can be seen as both a rant, as well as a note to self how NOT to do it.

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Booting TransIP Linux VPS in Rescue Mode: access your harddisk

Another quick and small how-to on TransIP VPS’es. I couldn’t find it in their docs, so I thought I’d write a blogpost as a note to self. When you made a nice f-up / boo-boo / whatsoever on your VPS, there is an option to boot it in rescue mode. I made a nice one while editing sudoers.d, making it impossible to switch to root (and therefore I wasn’t able to fix the issue).

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TransIP Private Network eth1 not coming up

Today I encountered the issue where I added a VPS to a private network in the TransIP dashboard. I followed their blogpost on how to configure the internal IP address found here.

However, after running


I still didn't see the eth1 interface up. 

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Mailgun 550: Sender has no A, AAAA or MX DNS records

I was having some issues with mailgun not delivering my messages. Apart from the MX DNS records, all the DNS settings were correct according to mailgun. However, I got the following error:
Server response: 550 550 Sender has no A, AAAA, or MX DNS records 

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SQLSTATE[HY000] [2003] Can’t connect to MySQL server

A while ago I was in a project which had separate CentOS web server and database servers. I had whitelisted the IP addresses we were using so the machines could reach each other, but all other connections were dropped. One would expect that to be enough, but my requests returned me 'SQLSTATE[HY000] [2003] Can't connect to MySQL server'. Apparently SE Linux didn't want me to connect yet.

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Monitoring Apache with Supervisord

Monitoring is great. Especially if it works and you don't have to take care of restarting the services yourself. Supervisord can make your life a little bit easier by doing this for you. It can monitor the processes you want on your server and (re)start them for you if they are not started. That is, if you play by its rules.
I was completely new to Supervisor (although I knew what it does) and my goal was to monitor the apache2 process on my server. In doing that I encountered some problems. This blogpost shows the summary of my journey and concludes with a working configuration.

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My tools around my development tools

The most frequent asked questions I encounter on, for example, LinkedIn start with "What is the best..". "What application is the best for doing x?" etc.

And every time I comment on such a discussion, my answer contains the message "There is no tool that is the best. There's no tool to rule them all". What matters is that the tool works for you.

This blogpost is not about code packages I use, but about the tools I use to organize myself, to keep my data/thoughts/code in sync to minimize the time loss on stuff I want to do good, but quick so I can maximize the time to do what I love most: write code! This post is about what works for me and, most important, WHY it works for me! If you have any additions to my list or awesome stuff that must be mentioned, feel free to add them in the comments below this post.

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CloudVPS object store beta introduction

Lately I’ve been playing around with the CloudVPS ObjectStore, which is currently in beta phase. This blogpost shows the options of this ObjectStore in a practical way and concludes with a summary of commands you can use yourself to interact with it and some ideas. For this post, I assume you are familiar with cURL, REST and HTTP headers.

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Daycamp 4 Developers #4 Business 101.

Last Saturday the fourth edition of daycamp 4 developers took place. This time’s topic was all about freelancing, entrepreneurship and taking care of your career-life-balance.  Next to some familiar speakers there were also experts from other fields completing the line-up. This blogposts is a summary of the things I’ve learned during this conference, I’ve mixed them up with my own experiences and opinion, of which this blogpost is a result.

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