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Booting TransIP Linux VPS in Rescue Mode: access your harddisk

Another quick and small how-to on TransIP VPS’es. I couldn’t find it in their docs, so I thought I’d write a blogpost as a note to self. When you made a nice f-up / boo-boo / whatsoever on your VPS, there is an option to boot it in rescue mode. I made a nice one while editing sudoers.d, making it impossible to switch to root (and therefore I wasn’t able to fix the issue).

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TransIP Private Network eth1 not coming up

Today I encountered the issue where I added a VPS to a private network in the TransIP dashboard. I followed their blogpost on how to configure the internal IP address found here.

However, after running


I still didn't see the eth1 interface up. 

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Mailgun 550: Sender has no A, AAAA or MX DNS records

I was having some issues with mailgun not delivering my messages. Apart from the MX DNS records, all the DNS settings were correct according to mailgun. However, I got the following error:
Server response: 550 550 Sender has no A, AAAA, or MX DNS records 

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