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Your Plesk Watchdog in 2011

Plesk users (version 8.x up to 10.x as far as I’ve heared) are getting errors from the Watchdog module. Parallels is coming out with an update for this error in the future, but they can’t tell when (yet). These errors occur on daily basis and are actually pretty easy to fix. You might have two errors (after each other), but this fix will solve them both.

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Getting YUM to work on CentOS

One of my servers is running CentOS. As I wanted to upgrade PHP, I was looking how to do that. I’ve found the YUM command to be useful (yum upgrade php). However, for being able to upgrade this way, one needs yum to be installed.

I was ‘fortunate’ it wasn’t so another task was born: installing YUM on CentOS. Verder lezen

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PEAR install on Linux by a n00b for n00bs

Okay, I must admit: I’m a programmer and I know some commands. Because I want to use PEAR packages, I needed to install it. The installing command is quite easy to find, but I had a hard time determining the directory structure. Some searching on the internet and an IRC conversation (EFNet #pear, thanks davidc_!) later I was able to install PEAR in a quite reasonable directory structure. Verder lezen

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