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Avast Antivirus for Mac: MAD problem

Yesterday I bought a license for Avast! Antivirus software for my MacBook. As I already use this software on all my Windows PC’s and I’m confident about it, I knew what I would buy. My happiness quickly vanished after a couple of scans. I wanted to do a complete scan of my harddisk, but every time I got the error telling me that there was something wrong with MAD.

After a little search on the internet I found out that there is a problem with the most recent version of the Avast engine (version 0.0.68). You can find out which engine version you’re running by viewing the tiptooltext in the upper left corner (hold your mouse on the VPS version).

The problem is in the com.avast.MacAvast.MAD file. There is already a solution provided by one of the people of Avast. This solution will be part of the next update, but in the meanwhile it can be fixed manually. Informationand instructions about fixing the bug by replacing the MAD file can be found here.

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