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Online text based games

I was just wondering: what would I actually need to create an online text based game?

Apparently I’m not the only one. I’ve played some online text based games and I’m actually pretty amazed that most of them don’t listen to calls from their communities and a lot of them are outdated.

So I’ve decided that if I have spare time (which I don’t have much), I’m working on this project I just came up with. Perhaps it will succeed, perhaps it won’t or perhaps somewhere in the middle of it, but it feels exciting to create something and to overcome the problems which are sure to rise.

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Apple Time Capsule Read-Only Problem

I’ve been using my Time Capsule without any problems for a couple of months now. Last week all of a sudden at the end of the day I got the message that my Time Capsule wasn’t accessible any more and that it turned into read-only state. Since then I haven’t been able to make any back-ups of my machine. The suggestion was to format the drive, but who wants to lose all data when you don’t even know for sure if it solves the problem?After some searching I found this website which describes the problem and also offers a solution (although taking a long time to repair) for the problem without losing your data. Hopefully it can helpful to more people.

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