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You have an interesting profile on LinkedIn

Every day I’m getting e-mails, InMail or private messages with this exact sentence. I’ve been very hesitant to write this blogpost, because I know there are some good people around as well. It’s just that there’s plenty of work in IT and with that in IT recruiting. Unfortunately this attracts quite some gold seekers who are destroying the image of IT recruiters.

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Poor usability examples of web software

Even nowadays, websites and web applications offer poor usability experiences to both users and developers. I’m getting increasingly frustrated with sites and plugins which you sometimes even have to pay for, but don’t provide (extendable) functionality which is actually usable. As a developer, I sometimes just cannot understand software behavior that has been coded deliberately that way. This ever-growing blog can be seen as both a rant, as well as a note to self how NOT to do it.

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Check files for virusses

More and more virusses are created nowadays. But luckily there are also quite clever antivirus software solutions. Sometimes you receive files which you do not trust, but you can’t directly see if it contains a virus or not. I came across the VirusTotal webpage which offers checking files on virusses and malware. It maintains relations with many antivirus software production teams, so the more files are scanned (actually the more virusses are found), the better these antivirus programs get in recognizing threats. So next time you encounter a suspicious file: first put it though VirusTotal!

The link is

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