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Installing packages on Synology NAS through ipkg

Recently I bought a Synology DS210j NAS. This is a linux-based NAS with an ARM processor. As this basically is a full linux server, there are some interesting options for geeks familiar with the command-line. Verder lezen

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Command line svn on Ubuntu

This morning I had ‘some difficulties’ with the Eclipse IDE and Subversive to restore my code to an earlier version. Subversion is all about this, so this should be pretty easy…. right? It seemed to be ok, I right-clicked the PyDev project > Replace with > Revision or URL and filled in the revision number. Eclipse started to do something. When it was done, the revision numbers of the files I wanted to revert (which were newer than that revision) were still the same. Did it work? I don’t know. Talking about unexpected behaviour.. it prompts me if I really want to revert, but the revision number of the files stay the same.

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