Your Plesk Watchdog in 2011

Plesk users (version 8.x up to 10.x as far as I’ve heared) are getting errors from the Watchdog module. Parallels is coming out with an update for this error in the future, but they can’t tell when (yet). These errors occur on daily basis and are actually pretty easy to fix. You might have two errors (after each other), but this fix will solve them both.

The first error which occurs since the first of January 2011 is the following one:

At the time being I was running Plesk 9.5.2. As Plesk 10 was out, I thought that would fix the problem. It kind of did, as I got a different error message:

Fortunately I got some help through Twitter (@ParallelsPanel) and the Parallels Forum. The fix can be found here.

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