It's been a while

Seeing the date of my last post I realize that it’s been a while ago since I last posted a message, so here’s an update.

The last couple of months I’ve been working on my research assignment for the TU Delft which was about data integration and semantics in the context of data warehouses. In that research I’ve analyzed some data warehouses with respect to the current evolving WWW. It seems that especially for the Web 3.0 vision Web Services play an important role for interoperability. Next to that online collaboration is a hot topic. As I am a bioinformatician, one of the most important things in this field is security. Currently there’s no secure SOAP implementation for a Web service to first establish an SSL connection before sending data. Next to that SSL results in large overhead as it encrypts whole HTTP packages. When having a data warehouse with gigabytes of data this is not practical.

These are just a few of the things I came along. Later on I will post some more details about them.

Next to that I’ve been working more on my online game. It’s developed pretty cool already, but far from completed. However, I already have claimed my spot on the Web and the name for the game. This will be White Hat Mafia. Although this is in Dutch, I also own the .com domain and my intention is to create the game in such a way that translation is a piece of cake. The current version is 0.2, although version 0.3 is in sight.

So far for now. Gotta catch some sleep as I have got to work tomorrow..

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