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It's been a while

Seeing the date of my last post I realize that it’s been a while ago since I last posted a message, so here’s an update.

The last couple of months I’ve been working on my research assignment for the TU Delft which was about data integration and semantics in the context of data warehouses. In that research I’ve analyzed some data warehouses with respect to the current evolving WWW. It seems that especially for the Web 3.0 vision Web Services play an important role for interoperability. Next to that online collaboration is a hot topic. As I am a bioinformatician, one of the most important things in this field is security. Currently there’s no secure SOAP implementation for a Web service to first establish an SSL connection before sending data. Next to that SSL results in large overhead as it encrypts whole HTTP packages. When having a data warehouse with gigabytes of data this is not practical.

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Online text based games (4)

First things first: in my previous post I suggested that the use of frames would be better to be able to reload ‘pieces’ of pages. This is not completely correct of course: within a frameset multiple frames display pages, so in principle the page in a frame is reloaded although this page is of smaller width and / or height so that the frameset fits the screen.

And although the idea of frames is good (reloading parts of a website), it is not worked out great. You still have to reload a whole page. After a quick thought and some trying with Smarty it is way better to just use boxes as I already wanted to do. Let’s say I was blinded by the ‘reloading pieces of pages’ idea 😉

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Online text based games (3)

This week I’ve actually done a lot of work without noticing it. First of all I needed an environment in which I could write and directly test code without being dependent on a webhost. The easiest way to do this is by installing Apache2Triad. It’s easy to install and it works directly on. The control panel offers enough functionality to make it do what you want (that is to parse PHP files and to interact with a database).

After that I’ve tested some files which I already had and which could be reused. As I’ve edited them, some mistakes had to be corrected. After doing that (I hate code which is not compiling), I’ve written the first two use-cases:

  1. Register user
  2. Log in user

“So that’s all you’ll probably think? It ain’t that hard to construct a user registering system and a login prompt!”

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Online text based games (2)

Earlier I wrote a very small sketch about online text-based games. Since then I’ve thought about how to set up things in such a way that updating and extending would be easy. Therefore I’ve taken a look at CMS systems like Joomla/Mambo. This CMS has a components folder both in the public_html folder and the administrator folder. Components to add need to be placed in these folders to be used in the front-end and back-end respectively.

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Online text based games

I was just wondering: what would I actually need to create an online text based game?

Apparently I’m not the only one. I’ve played some online text based games and I’m actually pretty amazed that most of them don’t listen to calls from their communities and a lot of them are outdated.

So I’ve decided that if I have spare time (which I don’t have much), I’m working on this project I just came up with. Perhaps it will succeed, perhaps it won’t or perhaps somewhere in the middle of it, but it feels exciting to create something and to overcome the problems which are sure to rise.

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