Online text based games

I was just wondering: what would I actually need to create an online text based game?

Apparently I’m not the only one. I’ve played some online text based games and I’m actually pretty amazed that most of them don’t listen to calls from their communities and a lot of them are outdated.

So I’ve decided that if I have spare time (which I don’t have much), I’m working on this project I just came up with. Perhaps it will succeed, perhaps it won’t or perhaps somewhere in the middle of it, but it feels exciting to create something and to overcome the problems which are sure to rise.

Like I don’t have enough stuff to do in my graduation year.. (Well: of course I do, but this is also a fun thing to do!)

So, what do I need?

  • A core
  • A front-end
  • A back-end


The core is needed for database interactions, creating objects (yes, an object oriented approach.. a lot of the current games are lacking in this and are therefore hard to maintain and even harder to extend). Next to that it should have knowledge and algorithms for ‘personal’ learning curves. This is the most fun part to do (and also the hardest part, but hell.. this is about learning and having fun)


This is of course where the interactions with the user take place. For me this will be a tough one too, as I’m more of a programmer than a designer. Designers can argue about the color of one pixel or moving the layout one pixel to the right or to the left..


This is the part for the administrators to do their task. As cheating is a ‘common’ thing and in the nature of mankind, it’s important that here’s also a degree of intelligence which can trace cheaters and suspicious players.

So far the very very rough sketch. It’s not much, but you have to start somewhere!

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