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K Means clustering and Histogram equalization source code

As there was some interest in source code in two earlier posts (post 1, post 2) I’ve posted the source code here.

It’s also available through the download page.

Please note that the code itself is at least 4 years old and there are far better ways to solve some things. I therefore suggest that it is used for studying purposes only. Comments and improvments are very much appreciated.

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K-means clustering in Java code found!

My blogpost on K-means clustering has the highest number of views, so people are probably interested in it. Sadly enough I lost the source code of the K-means action a while ago. Last week I needed an external harddisk to make a back-up of some files. There was already some content on the disk. I found quite some pieces of code including the K-means code. Although it is quite simple code operating on (if I remember correctly 8-bit) greyscale images, it might give some insights in how to do this.

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