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Online text based games (3)

This week I’ve actually done a lot of work without noticing it. First of all I needed an environment in which I could write and directly test code without being dependent on a webhost. The easiest way to do this is by installing Apache2Triad. It’s easy to install and it works directly on. The control panel offers enough functionality to make it do what you want (that is to parse PHP files and to interact with a database).

After that I’ve tested some files which I already had and which could be reused. As I’ve edited them, some mistakes had to be corrected. After doing that (I hate code which is not compiling), I’ve written the first two use-cases:

  1. Register user
  2. Log in user

“So that’s all you’ll probably think? It ain’t that hard to construct a user registering system and a login prompt!”

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