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Practical: creating a REST application with Silex

Okay, you’ve read LornaJane’s blogpost series on REST, you’ve attended the Techademy Silex/REST workshop to hear Stefan Koopmanschap talk about Silex and Joshua Thijssen about REST, seen the post of Dave Marshall on REST so what now?

Try and create a REST example application with Silex of course! This blogpost describes my steps creating this example application from front to back.

The order in which I’ve written down and done things is not pre-defined. There are multiple orders to achieve the same result. This is just the way I did it. Verder lezen

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PEAR install on Linux by a n00b for n00bs

Okay, I must admit: I’m a programmer and I know some commands. Because I want to use PEAR packages, I needed to install it. The installing command is quite easy to find, but I had a hard time determining the directory structure. Some searching on the internet and an IRC conversation (EFNet #pear, thanks davidc_!) later I was able to install PEAR in a quite reasonable directory structure. Verder lezen

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Developing using WampServer 2: additions

WampServer 2.0 is a nice tool to help you develop a new site on your local computer. However, you’ll probably need more packages/libraries than those included with WampServer. This post is about installing extra common features which are mostly present at hosting servers, but not (directly) on WampServer.

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Simple PHP SOAP example

This post will show a simple example of how to interpretate a WSDL file and a very simple, yet quick example of how to extract information from this file through PHP.

Prior assumptions

In this example I assume that you’ve already have SOAP enabled in your PHP configuration because this is beyond the scope of this example. If you’re not sure, you can check your phpinfo file. There should be something like this:

SOAP information

SOAP information

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